Gunnison Real Estate

    Western State brings many to the Gunnison area, however there are people of all ages that reside in Gunnison. You can find the conveniences of a small city such as grocery stores, Wal-Mart, shops, and restaurants. Many that live on the north end of the valley will travel to Gunnison for their essentials. There is a free bus that runs between Gunnison and Mt. Crested Butte with stops in Almont, CB South and Crested Butte along the way. This allows many to commute back and forth to work without spending money on gas and car maintenance. You can also jump on the free bus to come spend the day in Crested Butte or ski Mt. Crested Butte. Do not be fooled however, there is plenty to in Gunnison outdoors. You’ll find a whitewater park, rafting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, etc. Many will venture to Harman Rock’s just south of town. This outdoor area is beautiful and vast with many trails from beginner to advanced. Some of the people that reside in Gunnison have ranches and raise cattle and/or horses. As for housing you’ll find everything from condos to extensive homes on acreage. Most homes are relatively traditional. There is an airport in Gunnison so it’s simple to escape when you would like. Gunnison is for those looking for beautiful views, outdoor activities, and the conveniences of a small city.

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